House Cleaning Management


   Daily cleaning plays a very important role not only to maintain aesthetic and sanitary conditions, but also to maintain the ambiance of the building. In accordance with the building use, we focus on developing environmentally-friendly cleaning methods. Specialty staff clean hard  floors, carpets, and glass regularly without the need of special machinery and detergent. The professional staff will respond to cleaning in various ways and will support you to deliver comfortable living to your customers.


   We constantly provide education and training to increase the quality and maintenance of buildings. All training is conducted so that ALL personnel are proficient in their assigned skills. Utilizing our own inspection system, we will continue with regular and systematic inspection by supervisors (qualified individuals) and district area chiefs in the education and training room backed by 40 years of experience and technology. In addition, we will try to maintain the quality of the building as a whole. We undertake an “in-house building cleaning competition” every year in an internal effort to acquire national qualification “building cleaning skill” aiming at improvement of customer satisfaction.



In pursuit for the ultimate in customer comfort and value enhancement, house-cleaning on a daily basis is a vital.