Company Summary

In 1954, parent company “Daiichi Building Service Co., Ltd.” was born in Osaka. Eventually, the company started providing services as far as Hokkaido. After this initial expansion northward, services spread from Hokkaido to the south in Okinawa, and other Southeast Asian countries centered on China. In October 2008, Daiichi Building Service Co., Ltd. celebrated its 50th anniversary. At this milestone, the company changed it’s name to “Daiken Group Co., Ltd.” and the headquarters was relocated to Tokyo.

This new corporation celebrates all of that and as a wish to have a better service for the prosperity of Japan. It is aimed at improving the technical standard of the business in this place, training good engineers, rationally functioning It is my responsibility to create an operational organization. As a same worker, sweat and passion will be devoted, and it will become a fossil for true new Okinawa newborn. Okinawa Daiken is steadily promoting from the foundation in 1972 to the present, based on the policy stated in this founding brief.

OKINAWA DAIKEN CO., LTD. Founded 10th January 1973
2000+ Employees (As of September 2016)
9 Offices all over Okinawa, Japan.
Managing 422 Buildings including Local Government, Law enforcement, Major Global Resort Hotels, etc. in Okinawa and remote islands.
Number of supplemental contracts will be 1500+ (As of September 2016)
No.1 Sales company in Okinawa (As of December 2015)
Contracts of Facility Management of the U.S. Forces in Japan is one of the keystone business divisions for our company.


The following are the directors behind Okinawa Daiken’s success in the various facilities within Okinawa.

Directors Chairman Yosuke, MARUHASHI
Advisory Hideo, KINJO
Representative of Director Zenshin, TOYAMA
Managing Director Hirofumi, YAMAMORI
Director Masayoshi, SAKUGAWA
Director Hiroki, TAIRA
Executive Adviser Chihiro, NAKAMURA
Auditor Masahiro, TAIRA
Auditor Takanobu, MURAKAMI
Capital Authorized Capital JPY 120,000,000
Payment Capital JPY 75,000,000
Main Bank Bank of The Ryukyus, Limited. Headquarter
The Bank of Okinawa, Ltd. Headquarter
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Naha Branch
Established 10 January 1973
Number of Employee 1728 (February 2014)
Main Share Holder Daiken Group Co., Ltd.
Ryuseki Co., Ltd.
Kanehide Co., Ltd.
Shuri Kanko Co., Ltd.
The Bank of Okinawa, Ltd.
Bank of The Ryukyus, Limited.