Hotel Management

施設管理05The guest room is the biggest item for hotel management. There are various hotels such as business hotel, city hotel, resort hotel, and luxury type hotel. Among them, we will respond to the diverse needs of guests through guest room cleaning management, guest room maintenance service, housekeeping, minibar, turn down service etc. We also provide high-quality rooms, by doing manner education, technical guidance, and quality check in accordance to the manual of each hotel.




ベッドメイクコンテストGuest room cleaning always requires careful and speedy work. In order to respond to the needs, we are conducting education and training at each hotel site for the purpose of making high quality guest rooms. Bed-making contests are held in order to brush up on the skills of hotel staff. In addition, we hold an inspection contests to pursue the highest overall achievable standard, and the “Smile Up Contest” to improve customer service skills with a smile. Awards are presented to staff who get excellent results in each contest. We make it a place of open discussion where we confirm each other’s technical level and work hard through each contest.

In order to respond to the diverse needs of guests, we keep in mind that our company provides Okinawa-prefecture with over 40 years of experience in promoting the safety, cleanliness, and comfort with guest rooms.