Facility Management

施設管理05Buildings are valuable when they are used and loved by customers.

Our motto is,

Buildings made by precious earth resources are

forever used and loved by people.

Over several years, we have gained expert knowledge

in facility management.





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1. We will propose a medium to long-term maintenance plan focusing on the lifetime cost of building equipment.

2. We will propose legal inspections to protect customers’ safety and ensure the safe use of facilities.

3. Eco-friendly facility management is one of the things we find most important. Energy and resource-saving in consideration of  the global environment. We will work on maintaining social obligation and responsibility.

4. We will propose improvements considering social needs and considering the best investment in order to maintain real estate value.

5. Lastly, to acquire the cutting-edge technology and knowledge, we collect and verify information and provide reliable services with high technical capability.


Being one of our higher skills; Okinawa Daiken performs Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual maintenance to extend the lifetime of our client’s facilities.

We tackle environmental issues by using low-energy methods and more recyclable materials.

To maintain property value, we provide the best investment based on social demands.