Management Support of Education and Training

Classroom Education


Employee Training Guidance Support Measures

It is very important to enhance development human resources who is be able to responds business characteristics. Educate employee focus on work management and manner improvement, and assign employees.

①  Employee Education System

Hardware Education
Specialty technique acquisition (Qualification) – Outside Study
Study of facility equipment characteristics – On-Site Study
Software Education
Study of work reports, proposals – On-Site Study
Human affair and guidance of personal goals – Headquarters
Work schedule, planning, and plan execution – Headquarters
Service Education
Study of international awareness (Language, Manner, Appearance) – Outside Study
Study for improvement in customer service – Outside Study
Customer satisfaction training – Headquarters
Familiarization with building regulations – On-Site
Understanding of employment regulations – Headquarters

②  Training Divisions

New Employee Training
Newcomer Orientation
Employee Training
All employees Semi-Annual
Chief Training
Education Chief (work management)
Executive Training
Management Training/Proposal Improvement