P7100008Buildings are stipulated to be maintained and managed by various laws such as the Building Standard Law, Fire Service Law, Water Supply Law, Building Management Law, Electricity Business Law etc. The engineering department is a unit mainly engaged in maintenance and inspection work prescribed by laws and ordinances. In particular, maintenance and inspection work for private electrical work piece boasts the number of contracts next to Mr. Electric Security Association (one company), and does not allow other building maintenance companies to follow. Besides, there are things that have not been stipulated by the law but should have inspected voluntarily. For example, inspection of air conditioners. We will propose various inspections as well as legal checks so that we can maintain and maintain buildings that are valuable assets for customers over the long term.
The engineering department also carries out various constructions. In addition to performing contracted inspection work, if there is a defective part, we will carry out renovation work while maintaining the current situation and proposing from a long-term perspective. From simple work of thousands of yen to public works of tens of millions of yen, actual results can be diversified.
There was a sudden blackout. The water has stopped. The toilet has clogged up. It will leak out. I can not work due to breakdown of the air conditioner. I think there are problems you need. We are able to visit the site on the 365 day 24 hours posture. Please contact us.


Handling Work Content

Hygiene management work (indoor air environment measurement, drinking water reservoir cleaning, other various aquarium cleaning, various water quality inspection, firefighting equipment maintenance check, mouse and pest control, termite control, grease trap cleaning, septic tank maintenance check, supply / drain pipe wash , Boiler inspection, elevator maintenance inspection, air conditioning equipment maintenance inspection, air conditioning filter cleaning, air conditioning duct cleaning, large electric motor maintenance, food manufacturing machinery maintenance maintenance, fluorocarbon recovery business)
Diagnostic service (periodical survey of special buildings, periodic inspection of building equipment, diagnosis of building exterior walls, remote monitoring system, energy saving diagnosis)
Electrical safety management work based on the Electricity Business Law
Emergency generator Maintenance and inspection etc. Electric facilities at all

Authorized Industry

Various works (civil engineering work, pipe work, electric construction work, construction work, carpentry work, plastering work, jump and earthwork construction, stone construction, roof construction, tile / brick / block construction, steel structure construction, harvesting work, construction workshop , Sheet metal work, glass work, painting work, waterproofing work, interior finishing work, machine equipment installation work, thermal insulation work, landscape construction work, fitting construction work, water works facility construction, firefighting facility construction, septic tank construction)
Sales business (Teraru Kyokuto distributor, Tsurumi sales agency, energy saving equipment and other equipment materials required for sanitation management work).