Designated Management System

Approach to a Designated Management System

In order to efficiently manage and operate public facilities according to the diversified needs of residents, movements from the public to the private sector are becoming more active. Since our establishment in 1972, we have maximized the experience and know-how in the building maintenance industry and are actively engaged in designated manager projects.

The purpose of the Designated Administrator System is to maintain efficient management of facilities with a fair view of public facilities first. Secondly, it is to improve residents’ service with attractive facility management. Employees work together on a daily basis so that everyone using the facility will be satisfied.

Kankyo no Mori Fureai 588 Arakawa, Haebaru-Town, Okinawa
Nago B&G Marine Center 1-28-5 Okita, Nago-City, Okinawa
Hotel Sports Lodge ItomanC 3-1 Nishizaki, Itoman-City, Okinawa
Tomarin Park 3-25 Maejima, Naha-City, Okinawa
Free Zone (International logistics hub industry integrated regional Naha district) Kagamizu,Naha-City, Okinawa
Prefecturel Public Basement Parking Lot 1 Izumizaki, Naha-City, Okinawa
Itoman-City Recreation 3 Nishizaki, Itoman-City, Okinawa
Itoman-City Nishizaki Pool 3-1 Nishizaki, Itoman-City, Okinawa
Okinawa IT Shinryo Park 14-17, Suzaki, Uruma-City, Okinawa




Integrated operation management / Culture school implementation / Light snack lounge management / Facility maintenance management