セキュリティ01やさしい警備員 004

1. Provide people-friendly security

For those who use facilities, as well as for employees working in socially vulnerable people and facilities, we will practice security with a kind heart.






2. Provide a comfortable environment (safety and security).
We will arrange personnel suited to the situations of the facility and make an environment not to incidents and accidents as well as deterrence of incidents and accidents.
We will establish an appropriate security system based on fire prevention / crime prevention diagnosis (risk prediction / danger site) etc. We will also provide a comfortable environment that gives safety and security to all our employees, including those using facilities.




3. Security system considering cost balance
We will prepare a security plan / personnel plan based on the situations at facilities and provide a security system that maximizes the cost by minimally and effectively guarding only which is necessary.

Site security services

We offer a safe and secure environment to our customers.
Mainly, we aim to protect the customer’s body, life, and wealth.
In the event of a fire, theft, etc. and occurrence of an accident, we will devote our utmost to minimizing damage by prompt and appropriate response.
In addition, we respond with flexibly in every case, such as guidance work and protection of lost child, management of lost and found item, nursing care of sudden illness, etc. We strive to maintain order and safety within the facility.
We are always within sight,  for this reason we will practice security services that will be attractive. Employees will do their best to attract customers as a professional.

Machine security service
We will provide a  flexible security system such as intrusion monitoring, entrance and exit management, surveillance cameras, equipment monitoring, etc. depending on the situation at each facility. We will respond quickly to an emergency 24 hours a day/7 days a week.


Security Service = Service Industry

Our security guards try to keep in touch with customers with the spirit of “service”
We deeply educate on customer service manners and keep in touch with customers, maintaining an appropriate attitude.

Knowledge and Skill Improvement

We are thoroughly training for knowledge and skill improvement.

  • Security guard legal education newly educated 30 hours, in-service education 16 hours or more
  • Internal and external education training as appropriate