International Standardization for Organizations

“Quality Management System” Certification


   We constantly improve our technical capabilities, meet customer and legal requirements. We continuously improve quality management systems, and aim for sound corporate management. In addition, each division establishes quality targets based on “QM 5.4.1” to achieve quality policies.

“Environmental Management System” Certification

ISO 14001

   The company’s basic philosophy is to comply with legal requirements and voluntary standards related to environmental aspects, to continually improve the “environmental management system”, and to be a corporate entity responsible for protecting the global environment.


   Based on the following environmental policy, everyone working for the organization conducts environmental conservation activities.


Environmental Policy
   We will clarify the impact of our company’s activities and services on the environment and reflect them in our environmental policy.
   In accordance with our environmental policy and requirements, we set environmental objectives, targets, and programs for each facility to an extent which is technically and economically possible. These programs are then further tailored to continually improve environmental performance. We will comply with applicable laws and regulations related to our environmental aspects and set our own voluntary standards to further conserve the environment.
   Environmental objectives and targets for the company are confirmed by internal environmental audits. These audits are reviewed annually, and areas of defects improved, based on their results.
   The “Environmental Policy” carries out in-house P.R. and environmental education. The policy is made public on our company website in order to make it available to the general public.


“Information Security Management System (ISMS)” Certification

ISO 27001

The company establishes Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on the ISO 27001 and fulfills corporate social responsibility (CSR) with the aim of becoming a company rusted by society in response to the expectation of customers, suppliers, and employees. Therefore, we have set up the following information security policy.
Information Security Policy
Proper maintenance of information assets acquired from customers, suppliers, and employees.
To strengthen crisis management on information security (prevention of information security incidents and accidents with prompt responses)
Improvement through employee training on management technology of informational security.
Activity Policy

In order to achieve basic policy and information security policy, the following activities are implemented.
Regarding information assets and their handling, comply with laws and other social norms and contracts with customers.
Implement ISMS, monitor and record, regular internal audit · management review, improve the reliability of operation and implement continuous improvement.
In the unlikely event of information security, we immediately investigate the cause, minimize the damage, and ensure the continuity of the project.