Core Capabilites

1. Hotel/tourism facilities management business
2.Cleaning and maintenance management of interior/exterior of building and environmental development.
3. Air conditioner, water supply and draining, ventilation and electrical equipment
4. Security services and interior and exterior building and parking and disaster prevention business
5. Building environmental hygiene business
6.Management business of inside and outside building and related facilities
7.Landscape design and enforcement management business
8. Cafeteria management, food, and drink supply business
9. Sale business of materials and equipment for building environmental sanitation control
10. Linen supply business
11.Electricity, telecommunication, and fire fighting facilities construction enforcement business
12.Carpenter, earthwork and concrete construction design enforcement business
13. Design, construction, and management of joiner’s work, interior finish, glazing work
14. Waterproof, interior, and plate constructing design business
15. Damage insurance agency business
16. All of other accompanying businesses

Such as…

Automatic Door Swing Door Maintenance, Stopper Reinforcement and Sensor, Door Controller, Door-Belts Replacement Work
Best-Key Installation
Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Key Upgrading
Borescope Air Condition System Installation
Borescope (DCDO) Cleaning
Building Relocation Operation
Card-key Renovation Work
Carpet Reconstruction Work
Commissary Maintenance (Air-Conditioning System, Freezer, Automatic Door)
Elevator Inverter Unit, Electromagnetic Contactor Installation
Fire Inspection・Extinguisher System Inspection
Floor Sterilization Cleaning
Fuel Transport Pipe Replacement Work
Gate Barriers and Generators Maintenance
Housing Cleaning and Gardening
Hood and HVAC Duct Cleaning Services in Various Facilities (Kitchens, U.S. Military Housing…)
Industrial Wastewater Investigation
Naval Hospital Cleaning Service
Palm Tree Planting
PA System Replacement Work
Pine-Worm Insects Extermination and Linden Tree Pruning
Pit Flood Parts Replacement Service
Rooftop Door, Fence Repair Work
Playground Maintenance
Satellite Installation
UPS Installation
U.S. Military Base Access Control, Maintenance Management Service etc…

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